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We’ve been carbon neutral since 2019

We consider our impact on the environment in everything we do, and strive to help you improve the sustainability of your events by doing some of the hard work for you. It's time to ditch your paper programme for a sustainable alternative while maintaining your programme revenue stream with our revenue generating features.

What does Gyder do?

Digitise your event without the hassle

Bring your event into the digital age without the need to spend your entire budget on building and maintaining an app. Gyder gives you the ability to offer your exhibitors and visitors an enhanced experience, with tailored wayfinding and access to show promotions and offers.

Let your exhibitors promote themselves at your event

Drive more engagement from your exhibitors by increasing their exposure to your visitors. Our suite of exhibitors promotions will help get their offers to your visitors, increasing their conversion and generating you an additional source of revenue. Choose from targeted banner advertising, branded map pins and dynamic exhibitor feature pages.

Help visitors navigate your event with a digital event map

Make wayfinding at your event easier with searchable event maps. Gyder creates bespoke micro-maps for events giving your visitors the ability to find exactly what they need and where they need to go. No need for paper based maps and billboards.

Let your visitors plan their day and never miss a beat

Maximise your visitor's experience by giving them the ability to plan their day in advance. Gyder gives your visitors a chance plan their day upfront with our interactive event timetables.

View your events performance with our live analytics

Gyder's suite of powerful analytics gives you insight into how visitors interacted with your event. Which areas were oversubscribed? Were there too few toilets? Which exhibitors were the most popular? Valuable information for show safety and planning of future events.

Get the Gyder app for your event

Getting your event listed in Gyder couldn't be more simple. With a site drawing, we can have your visitors navigating their way around within a few minutes. Add features, generate revenue & maximise your visitor's time with you.

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Integrated ticketing
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We've been listening to your feedback and we're now creating integrated ticketing into Gyder so your visitors have one place for all of their event digital content. To keep up to date with our progress and to get a sneak preview follow us on Linked In or drop us a line and we might just show you our plans.

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Why use Gyder?

Additional revenue stream for your event

Generate new revenue streams for your event from in-app advertising. Gyder maps give event organisers the ability to generate additional income through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

No app build and maintenance costs

We'll keep the content of your event up to date and supported for as long as your require through our range of subscription options.

Increase your events sustainability

We believe having an environmentally sustainable event is now more important than ever. Minimise the amount you need to print and take control of your events sustainability.

Drive more engagement for your exhibitors

Offer your exhibitors engaging advertising opportunities so they can gain more exposure to your visitors. Increase their ROI and overall NPS.

Understand how visitors interact with your event

Realtime heatmaps and analytics help you react quickly to changing circumstances. Valuable data will give you further insight when planning future events.

Digitise your event without the up front cost

Gyder avoids the heavy costs of designing and building an app for your event. Either choose from our in-app directory of events, or have your own branded white label version of Gyder.