Event navigation for a changing landscape

Gyder uses micro-mapping technology to help visitors make the most of their day and creates new revenue streams for event organisers.

Gyder micro maps app

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Micro Map Detail

Bespoke micro maps created for your event to give visitors the ability to find exactly what they need and where they need to go.

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Real Time Analytics

Use the data we capture to see how visitors are interacting with your event and help define future layouts.

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Promoted Offers

Promote your own offers or let your exhibitors maximise their investment with branded pins and tailored ads

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Interactive Itinerarires

Let visitors plan their day before they get there, reserve places at demos and receive notifications & reminders

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Offline Maps

Gyder continues to work, even in low bandwidth or high data demand areas with our offline map capabilities

Stay informed. Stay safe.
Ensure visitors have confidence while at your event

In these uncertain times you'll need to give your visitors the assurances to safely visit your event with confidence. Our interactive mapping technology helps visitors easily find specific points of interest while providing covid aware guidance and helpful features such as pre-planning their day in readiness for their visit.

You and your exhibitors can promote event offers via Gyder which facilitate less human to human contact in retail environments. Gyder can also help you fulfil your duties as event organisers with our digital ticketing that helps control visitor capacity when applying social distancing measures.

Help visitors navigate your event safely

Let Gyder take control of visitor safety at your event. Our detailed maps include 1-way systems for users to follow and heat map layers that denote areas with a high visitor presence. The covid aware features of Gyder help you to promote social distancing with ease.

Smart Planning

Gyder's interactive itineraries let your visitors plan their day well in advance of the actual event. When they arrive, they are guided where to go along with notifications to ensure they don't miss anything. Gyder allows you to promote social distancing by limiting and controlling access to timetabled events at your show with barcoded tickets for entry.

Event offers

You or your exhibitors can promote special offers to visitors directly through Gyder. Help minimise physical contact in retail environments with digital coupons and offers. Branded exhibitor pins and in app advertising also form part of Gyder's powerful toolkit.