Your event has taken place and the hustle and bustle of your show is a long distant memory.  All appears to have gone to plan and your attendees managed to find exactly what they wanted.  Or did they?

Gyder collects a variety of non personalised analytical data which can be provided to you in either real-time or a post-show format.  Our analytics allow you to gain never before insights into how attendees really interacted with your event.

What were the most popular features of your show and which weren’t?  Which events on your itinerary attracted the most visitor traffic and which areas of your show ground were overlooked or oversubscribed?  With valuable insights like these, you’ll be able to use this data to help plan your next show.  Did attendees spend too long at a particular bar queuing, or were the toilets on the far side of your show ground just a little too far away?  Gyder can help you get new perspectives of how your event is progressing and make positive changes based on our data.  Our heat maps give you a visual overview of visitor numbers and footfall enabling you to make in-show adjustments when the attendee's experience may be negatively impacted.