As you know, your exhibitors make a substantial investment when they trade with you. How can you give them the confidence that their ROI will be profitable? Traditional advertising opportunities for short-term events consist of printed offers, showground banners or poor ‘digital ads’ which usually mean nothing more than a mention on a website. Additionally, exhibitors have no idea of how successful their investments in your ads have been, until now.

With Gyder, you can offer your exhibitors the option of dynamic advertising that impacts directly with the attendee.  Gyder offers a range of modern digital advertising opportunities which will suit the budget of every exhibitor.  What’s more, Gyder’s powerful analytics let you see how attendees are interacting directly with your event and your exhibitors.

Advertising options

Branded pins

Give your exhibitors the option to stand out in a crowd with one of our branded pins.  Our personalised pins are our introductory option for in-app advertising but offer your traders the ability to stand head and shoulders above the competition.  Our pins display the retailer’s logo and when clicked, reveals a pop up banner of text summarising the trader and what they have on offer.

Banner ads

Gyder hosts subtle banner advertising within the app, neatly displayed at the bottom of our interface.  Your exhibitors can begin to showcase themselves and their products here with a heavier focus on their offering.  There is no limit to how many banners an exhibitor can purchase and each can be directed either to the relevant stand or a specific URL of their choosing.

Full page ads

Our full page features represent the height of dynamic advertising within our app.  Exhibitors can really showcase what they have on offer with the choice of product photos, videos and unique offers and promotions.  This option includes the ability to display upto 1000 chars of text, 5X high res product/company photos or 1X 30s long video of their choosing.  Gyder also supports up to 3X distinct offers where they can display QR/Barcodes for purchases at the checkout.

Bundle offers

Our bundle deals offer the most popular and value for money option when advertising in the app.  Our bundle consists of a branded pin, 3X banners and a full page feature.  This option offers the most cost effective method of having a strong presence at an event and gives the best possibility of attracting the crowds to the individual stand.

Re-seller examples

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