1. Claim your FREE event listing

Sign up online and we’ll add your FREE listing so your event appears in the GYDER app

2. Add your events layout

Purchase the GYDER plan and we’ll create your event layout or import your events CAD layout into the app. We’ll add all points of interest onto your base layout (includes POIs such as toilets, cash points, parking, entrance & exits etc)

3. Promote advertising opportunities to your exhibitors

Offer your exhibitors the option to be featured in your digitised event so they can gain more exposure to your visitors. We’ll give you a contact schedule and email template to send out to your exhibitors so you get the best chance of conversion. Exhibitors can purchase 3 options: Branded map pin, Full page exhibitor feature and an in app banner advertisement. You set the price. Your exhibitors sign up for their selected options through our online form.

4. Tell your visitors to download the app and prepare for their day

We’ll give you a contact schedule and email templates to send out to your visitors so they get the opportunity to download the GYDER app and prepare for their day in advance.

5. Put your GYDER micro-map live

Choose the date when your event goes live, up to 4 weeks before the start of your event.

6. Post-show analytics

After the show, we’ll provide analytics to show how visitors interacted with your event.

Get the Gyder app for your event

Digitise your event with GYDER and allow your exhibitors to promote themselves while giving your visitors a way to find where to go and plan their day.

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Built on solid foundations

Here at Gyder we use the best digital services available to deliver a high quality service to our customers and users of our apps. Built on some of the biggest cloud & mapping solutions in the market give us confidence that what our software will delivery time and time again.