By their nature, live exhibitions and events are temporary. While the overall location may feature on general maps such as Apple and Google maps, the unique and temporary layout of an event will not be available.

Advances in event tech has seen an increase in events transitioning away from traditional methods of advertising such as show programmes, banner displays and website adverts to interactive technologies.

Exhibitors realise the benefits of visitors being able to directly interact with their offers through technology, seeing it as a far more attractive proposition.

Therefore, GYDER fills an important niche that satisfies an ongoing problem for the event visitor – how to find the exhibitor or facility visitors need, while generating additional revenue for organisers through advertising.

Why use Gyder?

Digitise your event without the up front cost

Gyder avoids the heavy costs of designing and building an app for your event. Either choose from our in-app directory of events, or have your own branded white label version of Gyder.

Create additional revenue streams for your event

Generate new revenue streams for your event from in-app advertising. Gyder maps give event organisers the ability to generate additional income through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Understand how visitors interact with your event

Realtime heatmaps and analytics help you react quickly to changing circumstances. Valuable data will give you further insight when planning future events.

No app build and maintenance costs

We'll keep the content of your event up to date and supported for as long as your require through our range of subscription options.

Drive more engagement for your exhibitors

Offer your exhibitors engaging advertising opportunities so they can gain more exposure to your visitors. Increase their ROI and overall NPS.

Increase your events sustainability

We believe having an environmentally sustainable event is now more important than ever. Minimise the amount you need to print and take control of your events sustainability.

Have your say in our new features

We want you to love Gyder and it's features as much as we do, so we think you should have your say in what we develop. When you become a customer we'll involve you in shaping new features of Gyder so you can make more from your event. We're already seeing the benefits and developing exciting new features for you to use.